This versatile meter reading system reads inside meters sets and meters in underground pits or vaults. Proven at hundreds of utilities since 1984, this meter reading system eliminates meter reading problems and errors while speeding the on-site reading process. In less than two seconds, each meter reading is electronically transferred to a Sensus AutoRead® HandHeld Device (AR-HHD) through a wireless reading gun or probe. The reading data is later off-loaded to a PC at the utility office where it can be used to generate management reports or for printing customer bills.

Touchread Features

Increases speed and efficiency - reads inside sets and pit set meters with "just a touch".  Curs reading time by one half or more.

Eliminates Errors - caused by incorrect manual entries in route books or computers

Ends underground/inside meter reading problems - eliminates plumb-outs and OSHA confined space entry restrictions.  Operates accurately in flooded pits of vaults.  

Easy to use - Meter readers are guided along their routes as each address is displayed on the handheld devices display screen.  Allows for meter reading in or out of route sequence.  Readings verified by audible and visual signals.  

Flexible and versatile - Manual readings, route surveys and exception notes can be entered on the hand held devices build in keyboard.

The model 4090 AutoGun is a multi-function, versatile meter reading device.  It is designed as a visual reading interrogation device or can be connected to a Sensus AutoRead Handheld device (AR5501, AR5502) or a number of other handheld electronic meter reading collection and data storage devices for reading Sensus and other meter register encoders.

The AutoGun is ergonomically designed and is housed in a weather resistant molded case.  Surface mounted circuitry in the specially designed watertight case allow the AutoGun to be used in rugged field conditions over a wide rang of temperatures.  The AutoGun has a low power RF link to communicate to the AR5501.  The link transfers meter reading to the AutoRead Handheld device without the use of awkward cables.  

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