Improving project delivery. Building knowledge. 

Simplifying complex projects can be a difficult endeavour. That is why KTI Limited's Project Management team has built itself around the core belief that Ownership equates to Success. We take pride in project ownership and as a result try to do a few things very well:

We Communicate.  We Organize.  We are Problem Solvers.  We Build Good Teams.  Our Project Managers are well versed in industry standard project management methodologies and have extensive experience managing Smart Grid projects.

We take responsibility for effectively managing each project across the key domains of the project lifecycle: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closeout.

PDCA cycle

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KTI Limited’s project team practices are well aligned to the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) with a specific focus on the utility industry.

Delivering project objectives that meet or exceed the elements defined through Scope, Timeline and Budget are fundamental to our Ownership philosophy.

We work in partnership with our clients to develop the project scope, understand potential risks and gaps, and create proper strategies to achieve the objectives required.

It is through focusing on the customer requirements, and relying on our experience in the procurement, implementation and system acceptance phases that we are able to anticipate potential risks early on in each project task, address them quickly, thus ensuring that timelines and budget remain a constant.

Reduction of Project Risk

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KTI Limited’s PM team understand that risk mitigation is of paramount importance when approaching projects.

The Project Manager working with other project participants will actively identify, analyze, and manage risk throughout the life of the project.

Risks will be identified as early as possible in the project so as to minimize their impact. The PM will serve as the overall Risk Owner for his/her project and will adhere to the following principles in his/her approach to risk management.

  1. Everyone must participate. Successful risk management is not a single-person job. Everyone involved in the program must be diligent to identify, report, and work to eliminate risks, and mitigate risk consequences.
  2. Monitor risks frequently. Risk identification will occur at the outset of the Program and will continually regularly throughout the Program. The Project Manager will be responsible to make sure all project participants are continually assessing potential risks.
  3. Communicate and report. Communication is critical to successful risk managment. The Project Manager will provide the necessary means to communicate risk activities throughout the Program.
  4. Document Risk Closure. When a risk is ready for retirement the assigned responsible person will send a risk closure analysis to the Project Manager who will review and confirm closure. Once approved the risk is updated and retired in the project risk database.

Our Project Managers ensure the risk management process is a measured process, utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to maintain effective monitoring and benchmarking for continuous improvement.

The KTI Advantage

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Building an effective project management team is a competitive advantage. KTI Limited’s Leadership in implementing energy and Advance Metering Infrastructure ( AMI) projects include over 40 utility projects in Canada, with responsibility in overseeing some projects in the tens of millions of dollars range. Our experience, training, and processes make certain that KTI Limited will be an integral and valuable partner to your utility long after the sale is complete.

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