A unique right angle magnetic drive design eliminates problems associated with exposed gears to provide full measurement accuracy throughout the meter's operating range. The single unit measuring chamber can be easily removed from maincases for fast, easy maintenance without removing the maincase from the service line.

All Series W Turbo Meters are based on the turbine principle of measurement. The model W-10,000 DR Turbo Meter operating range is from 250 to 10,000 gallons per minute (57 to 2270 m3/h) with registration accuracy of 100% ±1.5% of actual throughput. The model W-5500 DR Turbo Meter operating range is from 55 to 5500 gallons per minute (12.5 to 1250 m3/h) with registration accuracy of 100% ±1.5% of actual throughput. The model W-3500 DR Turbo Meter  operating range is from 35 to 3500 gallons per minute (8 to 795 m3/h) with registration accuracy of 100% ±1.5% of actual throughput.

Conformance to Standards

Sensus Turbo Meters comply with ANSI/AWWA Standard C701 (most recent revision). Each meter is performance tested to insure compliance.


The meter’s unique principle of measurement assures extended accuracy life.  Series W Turbo Meters have no restrictions as to sustained flow rates within its operating range.The design permits continuous operation up to its rated maximum flow capacity, without affecting long term accuracy or causing undue wear.


The meter consists of two basic assemblies— the maincase and the measuring chamber. Straightening vanes in the maincase minimize the swirl upstream of the meter so as to direct the flow evenly to the rotor.  The measuring chamber assembly includes the rotor, change gears (for calibration) and sealed Direct Reading (DR) register.

Magnetic Drive:

The Rotor is magnetically coupled, thus eliminating open gear trains and stuffing boxes.A sleeve type, ceramic magnet in the rotor drives the follower magnet which is located inside the rotor shaft (separator). Brass bevel gears are sealed in an oil-filled gear housing.  The gears are attached to shafts connecting the follower magnet to the register.  The gear housing is factory lubricated for the life of the meter.


The thermoplastic rotor with ceramic bearing rotates on a ceramic coated stainless steel shaft.The rotor assembly is weightless in water, thus adding to bearing life.


The measuring chamber and straightening vanes can be removed, repaired and/or replaced without disturbing the maincase in the line. A spare chamber can be utilized in the event maintenance is required. Cover plates are also available to keep the line in service while the measuring chamber is repaired and recalibrated. Factory testing, repair and measuring chamber exchange programs are available.


The meter comes equipped with an AWWA type strainer and must be installed immediately upstream of the meter.The strainer both conditions the flow of water to enhance measurement accuracy, and protects the internal working parts of the meter.

AMR / AMI Systems:Meters and encoders are compatible with current Sensus AMR/AMI systems.

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