The accuMAG meter is based on electromagnetic flow (EMF) technology and provides measurement of a wide flow range. With no moving parts, the accuMAG meter maintains its accuracy over its lifetime. AMR/AMI connectivity, reduced headloss, and field replaceable batteries are just a few of the key benefits of the accuMAG meter.

Conformance to Standards

The accuMAG meter meets and far exceeds the flow requirements of the most recent revision of AWWA Standard C701 class II. Each meter is performance tested to ensure accuracy compliance. The accuMAG meters meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex F and G.


The measurement principles of the accuMAG meter assure enhanced accuracy ranges, and a extended service life. The accuMAG meter has no restrictions as to sustained flow rates within its continuous operating range. The measuring tube allows for flows up to its rated maximum capacity without undue wear or accuracy degradation due to no moving parts.


The accuMAG meter consists of two basic assemblies; the measuring tube and the liner. The measuring tube consists of polyurethane coated steel housing and a nonmagnetic alloy tube with an obstruction-less cross section and a homogenous magnetic field. The liner of the measuring tube is made of Rilsan® and is resistant to corrosion, aging and abrasion.

Electronic Register

The accuMAG electronic register can be supplied either attached to the meter or a remote design. In the remote design, the register can be installed (between 30 to 75 feet) on the wall or on a post. Additionally, the large character LCD displays AMR, Totalization and a Resettable Test Totalizer. accuMAG register features; AMR resolution units that are fully programmable, Pulse output units are fully programmable, Integral resettable accuracy testing feature compatible with UniPro Testing Assistant Programs, Large, easy-to- read LCD also displays both forward and reverse flow directions. The accuMAG register has extremely low power consumption and with a sampling rate of 1/15 Hz, the water meter can operate for more than ten years before the batteries would need to be replaced.

Measuring Technology

An electrically conductive fluid flows inside an electrically insulating pipe through a magnetic field. The magnetic field is generated by a current, flowing through a pair of field coils. Inside of the fluid, a voltage is generated. The signal voltage is picked off by electrodes and is proportional to the mean flow velocity and thus the flow rate. The signal voltage is very small. The register amplifies the signal voltage, filters it and converts it into signals for totalization, recording and output processing. When installed in any orientation.


The accuMAG meter is designed for easy maintenance. With no moving parts, the maintenance consists of inspecting the measuring tube for deposits or abrasions and battery health.

AMR / AMI Systems:

Meters and encoders are compatible with current Sensus AMR/AMI systems. 

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