Drive-By and Walk-By Reading Solutions

KTI and Sensus offer industry leading advanced meter reading technology with mobile, handheld and network technologies based the FlexNet™ communication network. AquaSense™, Sensus' intelligent water management solution, combines advanced meter reading technology with industry-leading metrology solutions, software and services to help utilities go beyond metering to true intelligent water management.

Sensus automated metering reading (AMR) solutions help you save time and money, with hand-held devices that increase accuracy, efficiency and control.

For utilities searching for an automated, efficient, scalable AMR system, Sensus RadioRead minimizes collection time and leverages the power of data...with low infrastructure investment. RadioRead's walk-by and drive-by solutions use advanced radio frequency technology to achieve optimal range with low interference, allowing your employees to receive crystal clear meter information from as far as several blocks away.


  • Greatly reduces time to collect readings
  • Reliable equipment
  • Radio and battery have 20-year warranties, plus they are built utility-tough and capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Multi-meter compatible
  • Equipped with Sensus MultiRead modules, each unit can handle up to 16 individual meters
  • Reads different kinds of meters
  • Utility codes allow you to read many brands of meters equipped with compatible registers or indexes, making the Sensus AMR solution a great choice for combination utilities
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