FlexNet is the industry's only solution for utilities that demand unmatched customer service and pinpoint-accurate reads. Only FlexNet delivers Primary-Use licensing by the FCC, which guarantees an uncluttered, crystal clear path for transmissions. And that paves the way for an industry-leading two watts of power, making FlexNet the only mass-deployed utility system to enjoy the highest level of protection, power and productivity in North America.

Sensus offers utilities the unique capability of physically segregating communications for DA from the AMI network while sharing the same infrastructure, an industry first. Unlike unlicensed systems that must share the same spectrum for DA on the AMI network, the FlexNet system provides a clear, unencumbered channel strictly for DA traffic. The Sensus FlexNet solution with integrated FlexNet SmartPoint™ communication modules provides interoperability with virtually all vendor distribution automation apparatus including reclosers, capacitor controls, switch controls, faulted circuit indicators, voltage regulators, breakers, and other status monitoring applications.

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