Cut Your Public Lighting Budget By Up To 75% 

Photocell-controlled lights consume a significant portion of municipal budgets every year. Not only are they expensive to maintain and operate, they’re energy inefficient and offer poor lighting quality. Whether you’re a municipality, a utility or a commercial building owner, there’s a better outdoor lighting solution that’s not only financially beneficial, but brighter and environmentally sound.

Sensus Lighting Control (SLC), powered by the FlexNet communications network, allows you to efficiently manage the lighting of large public areas - yet exercise full control down to an individual lamp. Our system utilizes induction and LED lamps that provide brighter, whiter light and excellent color rendering compared to the dim yellow-orange glow offered by older lighting technologies. Plus, the ability to control individual lighting properties allows smarter use of resources – ranging from shorter operational hours to virtually imperceptible light reduction during non-critical hours for additional cost savings. And unlike other systems, Sensus Lighting Control lets you see those cost savings, because the SLC control board has an integrated metrology chipset to measure energy consumption for each lamp. That’s like having a meter on every light for accurate billing instead of estimated usage. 

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