AutomationControlTM and the industry leading FlexNetTM smart utility communications network bring a powerful and flexible suite of applications and tools for managing distribution and SCADA system assets that are monitored and controlled with Sensus Automation intelligent communications devices.

The Sensus AutomationControl smart utility application provides an interoperability foundation that integrates and connects smart devices and assets that are needed to build a modernized smart utility network. The AutomationControl software application suite enables real-time access to automation devices and SCADA equipment using a standard browser, by logging onto a secure account created and maintained for each customer. Sensus offers AutomationControl as a flexible and secure cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. 

AutomationControl software is an ideal tool for distribution engineers, system planners, and asset managers. Using the AutomationControl application, personnel can quickly identify equipment or system issues from any office or remote PC. This same information is available to field crews equipped with mobile PCs.

AutomationControl software complements distribution supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems by providing additional features for engineering, planning and operations. For customers without distribution SCADA systems, AutomationControl software is a powerful application for managing their equipment.

AutomationControl provides tools to manage:

  • Distribution equipment
  • User accounts and access
  • Communication system status 
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