KTI Limited and RW Lyall have been working together for more than 25 years suppling the Canadian utility industry with distribution piping products. RW Lyall Anodeless Risers, LYCOFit Mechanical Fittings, LYCO Excess Flow valves and Transition Fittings have been widely used across Canada for 3 decades and continue lead the industry in quality, value and customer service.

The Lyco Anodeless Meter Riser provides a positive transition joint between polyethylene pipe and the gas carrying steel pipe of the meter set assembly set and requires no cathodic protection.  Lyco Anodeless Meter Risers provide market leading savings with a high level of quality and volume production and have been proven reliable with more than 20 million installed since 1973.  

The simple design concepts used in the gas-tight PE to Steel transition provides lower component costs with virtually no field repair or replacement time required by field crews.  Available in Flexible, 90o Bend Rigid and Straight Rigid options ranging in sizes from 1/2" to 2" and in lengths up to 72".

LYCOFit is a mechanical fitting for connecting underground Polyethylene gas piping systems.  Lyall offers over 900 configurations allowing for varied installation requirements.  Stronger than the pipe to which they are connected, LYCOFIT fittings are engineered to be superior in almost every way, and provide an economical solution for below ground, PE gas pipe connections.  LYCOFIT fittings are made from the most durable materials using a patented 100% leak-proof design that eliminates pull-outs and provides an instant visual check to ensure proper installation.  

LYCO® Excess Flow Valves (EFVs) provide safety for natural gas service lines, stopping the flow of gas when the flow rate exceeds the EFV design limits.  Available in three different designs to fit any application: EFV I - 1/2" CTS to 1 1/4" IPS, EFV II - 1/2" CTS and CEFV - 1 1/4" IPS and 2" IPS.  All LYCO EFV's meet or exceeds requirements of part 49 CFR 192.381, are resistant to clogging caused by line dust and particulate build-up as the spring is protected from the high velocity gas stream.  The EFV II provides superior 1/2" CTS service protection with a patented design that provides the lowest pressure drop in the industry.  It's modular design allows integration into a multitude of pipe and fitting carriers and also includes a bypass feature allows auto-reset after service line is repaired.

With over 4 million units in service today, Lyall Transition Fittings are one-piece, factory assembled transitions that provide safe, economical, and easy installation connections between gas carrying steel pipe and polyethylene (PE) pipe.  Lyall is the only manufacturer that offers two distinct transition sealing methods. This allows for a larger choice of configurations to meet your specific requirements.   Both designs have been approved by most major natural gas, propane, and industrial fluids companies.

We also offer a complete line of standard and custom brackets for all riser and meter set requirements, residential through rotary applications.  All brackets are fabricated, welded, coated and packaged to utility specifications under the tightest production and quality guidelines. 

All Lyall products are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and meet or exceed all required industry specifications. 

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