KTI, Sensus and industry software leader, OATI, bring you a comprehensive load control demand response solution. OATI's webDistribute load control demand response application allows utilities to create, monitor, schedule and manage DR programs and events to certified DR/HAN devices in the field through the Sensus FlexNet communications infrastructure.

Additional Applications:

  • Customer and Asset Enrollment
  • Demand Response (DR)/Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Program Creation and Administration
  • Customer Baseline Calculation Settlement, Measurement and Verification
  • DR/DER Availability Assessment and Forecasting
  • Aggregation and Virtual Power Plan (VPP) Creation
  • DR/DER Scheduling and Optimization DR/DER Performance Monitoring
  • DR/DER Dispatch and Operations Workflow Management
  • Enterprise Systems and Data Interfaces
  • Reporting and Operational Capabilities
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