The Sensus Remote Telemetry ModuleTM Plus (RTM II+) is a powerful communication solution for enabling remote monitoring and control of intelligent SCADA field devices by leveraging the Sensus FlexNetTM IP-enabled secure wireless network system. The RTM II+ acts as a smart communication gateway that easily interconnects with SCADA and automation field devices that incorporate industry standard Modbus and DNP3/IEEE 1815 SCADA communication protocols via serial or Ethernet interfaces. End-to-end interoperability is then achieved with the companion AutomationControlTM software suite. This allows for easy integration with third-party SCADA software platforms via our SCADA-XchangeTM interface.

Designed specifically to communicate with IEDs from leading manufacturers such as Cooper Power Systems, ABB, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, S&C Electric Company, GE, T&B/Joslyn Hi- Voltage, ICMI, and many others.Monitors status of IEDs and reports only user configured data, events, and alarms. Communicates via standard RS- 232 serial connection, RS-485 isolated serial connection (future feature), or Ethernet connection with IEDs. The RTM II+ functions as the master, in the master-slave relationship, polling the IED for information.Multi-Address (MA) that supports  multiple DNP3 or Modbus device addresses. Supports intelligent reporting and control via:

  • Unsolicited Report by Exception on user-defined analog or digital points 
  • Time scheduled reports on user- selected points and defined time intervals 
  • Updates are available on demand via SCADA or AutomationControl Information is sent to AutomationControl at the Sensus Data Center, and optionally to the utility SCADA system.

 Secure two-way communications allow direct status queries and control of the IED. Integration kits, including specific device point maps/profiles, are available for most popular IEDs to facilitate simple and easy installation. The ability to create unique configuration profiles for all points that are monitored and reported. For each point, the user can specify criteria such as:

  • Limit crossing set points and static or percentage deadbands with configurable trigger times for analog inputs 
  • Binary input report-on-change with configurable trigger time 
  • Options to pass through any IED event data per point 
  • Time scheduled reports with configurable reporting interval from 1 minute up to 14 days 
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