Two sizes of portable large meter testers and a small meter test kit are available. The large meter testers include Series "W" Turbo Meters, SR IIĀ® Meters, positive opening indicator valves, pressure gauge, fire hoses, nipples and adapters. The small meter test kit includes everything needed for accurate testing of domestic size meters in residential or commercial installations.

These portable small meter water meter test kits provide everything needed to accurately test domestic water meters, and it’s all contained in an easy-to-handle, rugged carrying case weighing just 29 pounds.

Each test kit includes a factory-calibrated 5/8” Sensus SR II® water meter.Two test kit register versions are available; the Standard version includes a direct reading register on the meter with a sweep hand and appropriate calibration ring. The Resettable Electronic Register (RER) version features a liquid crystal (LCD) digital display which eliminates the need for using a calibration ring on the kit meter.

The portability of a Sensus Water Meter Test Kit makes it a valuable tool for easy on-the-spot meter testing. Handling customer complaints of meter inaccuracies becomes easy and painless because the kit provides high accuracy and easily understood results.

The reliability, high degree of accuracy and moderate cost make Sensus Small MeterTest Kits the perfect choice for utilities with no testing facilities of their own.

The Sensus W-1250 portable large meter tester includes everything needed for accuracy field testing water meters 1-1/2” and larger.The tester assembly includes a 5/8” SR II®meter for measuring low flows and a W-1250 Turbo Meter for measuring high flows. Flow rates from 1/4 to 1250 gallons a minute are easily controlled by two positive opening valves. A pressure gauge is included to measure line pressure. Fire hose, thread adapters and fittings are also part of the package. Weighing only 80 pounds, the tester is easily portable. 

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