Offering compact size, sophisticated measurement and direct data communications, Sensus turbine meters fit numerous applications including production, transmission, distribution and industrial in-plant measurement use. Best of all, our turbine meters provide greater range and simplified maintenance when compared to alternative methods of large-volume gas measurement.

Sensus Auto-Adjust® II Turbo-Meters provide highly accurate large volume measurement using patented dual rotor technology that self-checks and automatically adjusts meter performance. The AAT is virtually insensitive to deviations in upstream flow conditions. Used with Auto-Adjust electronics, AAT technology provides advanced warning of a deteriorating condition well before meter failure occurs.

The Mark II Turbo-Meter established Sensus Metering Systems as the leader in turbine meter gas measurement. The 4 - 12" Turbos feature a top entry design that allows an interchangeable measurement module to be removed from the meter body while the body remains in-line. All moving parts are housed in a sealed chamber protected from line contaminants. The unique design of the 45° or 30° blade angle rotor allows the meter to extract the maximum amount of kinetic energy from flowing gas. Mark II Turbo-Meters accept a multitude of meter-mounted readout devices and provide calibrated pulse outputs for electronic measurement.

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