Infra Pipe Solutions (previously Uponor) produces and markets medium and high density polyethylene (PE) “Wehogas” pipe for gas distribution. It is manufactured from premium-engineered PE resins with proven long term performance capabilities. Wehogas is renowned for it's tough leak-free reliability, abrasion and corrosion resistance and continuous length handling advantages.

Wehogas pipe is lightweight and available in long coils for ease of installation and to minimize the number of joints required. It can be joined by thermal butt fusion or mechanical fittings and does not corrode like metal pipe. When Wehogas is joined by fusion, the pipe ends are melted together by machine forming a joint that is bottle tight eliminating the possibility of leaks.

Easily recognized by its yellow color, Wehogas is used by most gas utilities in Canada and a growing number in the U.S. It has proven to perform in a variety of service conditions including: temperature and soil shifts, bending, weathering, internal pressure, direct burial, point loading and squeeze-off.

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