For over 25 years, KTI has partnered with Sensus to provide our customers with the best and most reliable electric, water and gas meters, furthermore, we strive for the same excellence with expanding our company to perform meter and AMR/AMI endpoint deployment services.  Our field proven and time tested focus on Experience, Process, Training, Quality, Safety and Technology will ensure that your deployment project is completed on-time and on-budget.


At KTI we understand that experience leads to higher performance and that is one of the critical reasons why we continue to excel during our deployment processes.  Our core project team has been directly involved in major deployment projects over the past 5 years, comprised of more than 1.5 Million meters and AMR/AMI endpoints.  As part of our deployment services offerings, KTI also develops and provides custom
45-day public outreach programs for all projects to improve utility/customer relationships and streamline project communications.


At KTI, safety is our number one priority in everything we do.  It is our policy to take all possible steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees in addition to any third parties who overlap with our team. Our WFM system is built to capture and document instances of unsafe conditions.  If an installer were to encounter a potential safety issue, our WFM system allows the installer to log the event and react on the problem. Logging the safety issue allows any future contact with the account to have full knowledge of any potential safety concern prior to the visit.  All safety issues are reported to Management, reviewed with the customer, and corrective actions created to reduce the risk of similar events occurring in the future.


KTI focuses on quality throughout the entire project, including the Pre-Installation Stage, during Installation and Post-Installation. The primary focus on pre-installation quality is on training and constant installer inspections. KTI’s workforce management system (WFM) is designed to control quality while optimizing installer productivity. The WFM system uses built-in quality controls including meter entry validation, field validations and photo prompts. KTI also performs validations on all completed work order and actively searches for potential errors related to old or new meter serial numbers,  Radio ID’s, as-found reads, and other critical data points collected in a meter installation.  


Our Meter Installation Services IT system is a custom-built system, utilizing specialized modules and applications, passing data through an application programming interface (API) on our virtual Canadian servers. Our independent modules can be changed almost entirely without impacting other modules. Interconnectivity is based solely on input/output schema, which if maintained, will not affect the system in any way. Our modules are also language agnostic, and it allows KTI to add any interfacing module differing us from other companies.  KTI also provides our customers with access to a custom data portal that allows real-time performance data allowing users to view data as it is occurring and compared directly to the project plan. Our data portal is password protected web portal with specific links allowing our customers 
to see a variety of project specific metrics, in real time. 



KTI implements deployment projects by dividing the project into process groups which consist of the Initiating Phase, Planning Phase, Execution Phase, Monitoring and Control, and Project Closing Phases. KTI’s Execution Phase relies on the concept of a small repeatable series of events, performed over and over again until a project is complete. The core sequence is broken down into 6 steps which include; 

  • Release Zone of Accounts

  • Perform Contact Management on Zone

  • Secure Booking Appointments

  • Perform Installations

  • Perform Quality Audits  

  • Close Zone 

During the Release Phase, KTI subdivides a utility customer base into small, manageable zones. Throughout our Perform Contact Management stage, we use multiple contacts across various mediums performed at various times to maximize the probability of successful homeowner engagement. Finally, to secure an appointment, the homeowner must understand what they need to do, they must want to comply and they must believe that the message is real. After these steps are complete, the installation process will commence. 


At KTI, our trusted installers are thoroughly trained to ensure the highest levels of service are provided.  All installers are required to pass 3 stages of training before receiving full certification; Classroom, Hands-On Skills and Infield Shadowing. Our approach is to develop a conceptual work environment in a classroom setting before proceeding to the hands-on stage. Once the core concepts are developed in the classroom setting, the installer commences to build and demonstrate hands-on skills. Conclusively, the third stage is aimed to put all the training into practice by shadowing a full certified installer performing multiple installations. Once the installer has proved that he/she can complete several days of installations, without aid, the installer is approved to receive appointments and can proceed to work without oversight.



World Water Day 2019: Sensus Extends Xylem Watermark Program Invitation


In celebration of World Water Day, Sensus, a Xylem brand, has announced its plans to invite customers, distributors and partners to join employees for Watermark activities. The Xylem Watermark program aims to provide and protect safe water resources for communities in need and educate individuals about water issues such as sanitation and hygiene


Canadian Utility Uses Sensus Technology to Help Customers Keep the Cold and High Bills at Bay


The City of Medicine Hat implemented the Sensus AMI solution to reduce the number of truck rolls and get better reads on energy use. Furthermore, the utility also created an arrears management program to help customers limit their power usage to avoid high bills. Finally, the team relies on the remote disconnect with enhanced load limiting functionality built into the meters to automate the limiting process.