For installation in service lines supplying both fire and domestic service where flows range from very low to high. FireLine Assemblies combine an Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) listed strainers - or UL listed and Factory Mutual (FM) approved strainer with a detector check valve and two separate Sensus meters - all in a single unit. Compact FireLine

Sensus FireLine® Meter Assemblies save time and reduce installation costs by eliminating the need for a secondary service line in industrial, multi-residential and commercial applications.They can also be used in various manufacturing or processing applications where frequent high-capacity water flows are encountered.

FireLine Meter Assemblies with SR or Turbo Meters on the by-pass are UL approved. All FireLine Meter Assemblies comply with ANSI/AWWA Standard C703 (most recent revision) and are individually performance tested to insure compliance.

Each FireLine assembly includes a 4”, 6”, 8” or 10” size Sensus “W” SeriesTurbo Meter and strainer to measure high volume water flows, and a SR orTurbo Meter to measure water flows within normal usage ranges. Whenever instantaneous high volume flow is required, such as when a building’s automatic fire sprinkler or deluge system is activated, the FireLine Meter Assembly automatically switches to its higher volume flow path.The high volume flows are measured by both meters as the water passes through the assembly.

FireLine Meter Assemblies include all valves, meters, strainers and by-pass piping required. Each assembly is shipped completely assembled, ready to install. Optional electronic communication registers (ECR) for above-ground on-site or remote meter reading are available.

Compact FireLine Fire Service Meter Assemblies are designed to be an exact replacement fit for inefficient or worn fire service meters having a short laying length.

Their specially designed fire service strainers help eliminate the need for digging extra deep pits or enlarging existing vaults for replacement applications. Compact FireLine Meter Assemblies can be ordered with optional electronic communication (ECR) registers for above-ground on-site or remote meter reading. 

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