The key to the future of renewable energy

Demand Response (DR) systems put the power in the utility's hands, allowing it to control peak energy demand and ensuring consistent, affordable energy to consumers.

The technology works in conjunction by collecting and sending usage information to both utilities and their consumers via certified Home Area Network (HAN) devices such as smart thermostats and in-home display devices. This allows consumers to monitor and better understand their electricity usage. The incentive to shift use into off-peak hours provides an opportunity to shave peak demand, which ultimately helps utilities reduce the price of electricity they purchase or generate. Utility customers can now have choices for managing their electric use, as well as greater control over their electricity purchasing decisions.

With OATI's webDistribute Demand Response software application, the Sensus FlexNet Load Control Module (LCM) and Rainforest Automation Gateways and In-home displays, KTI offers utilities a complete end-to-end Demand Response Solution.

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