Sensus domestic/residential meters incorporate the latest design concepts with modern materials for lighter weight, more durable meters with greater life expectancy.


The Class 250 residential meters combine the latest design concepts and modern engineering materials to provide a lighter weight, easier to handle, more durable meter which requires less maintenance and offers greater life expectancy. 

The Model #415 continues to be the real workhorse in the Class 400 residential meter series. Its durable construction permits operation up to 2" w.c. differential to provide 900 CFH of 0.6 specific gravity gas. 

Quality is a philosophy--an attitude at Sensus. We take pride in our craftsmanship; and through a team effort we construct top quality for our customers.

Active Engineering and Research and Development Groups utilize state-of-the-art computer aided engineering and diagnostic equipment to design and produce gas metering products to meet the uncompromising demands of today’s gas industry. This special balance of philosophy, attitude, dedicated workers and modern equipment assures that quality and performance have been skillfully designed into every product.

In our advanced Measurement Canada accredited proving room, every Sensus gas metering product is inspected and proved to be accurate. Sensus products are built with our reputation at stake; a reputation founded on years of experience, earned by the pride and skills of hundreds of dedicated professionals and backed by sophisticated Quality Assurance instrumentation used at critical points throughout the manufacturing process. 

The revolutionary accuWAVE diaphragm is reestablishing Sensus as the leader in residential-class meter accuracy and long-term performance. The patented accuWAVE diaphragm, now standard on Sensus R-275, 315 and 415 series domestic meters, registers consumption with smooth precision while incorporating advanced materials that ensure proof stability over time.

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