More than 15 Million Sensus Electric Meters in Service Today

While smart metering rollouts are well underway in many utilities, advanced services such as on-demand reads, home area networking (HAN), demand response and consumer portals are driving the migration to fixed-base, radio frequency advanced metering—a paradigm shift from traditional drive or walk-by systems.

Today's electricity applications require a smart metering device with the flexibility to balance a wide variety of ever changing factors and service quality demands. Sensus' iCon market leading family of electricity meters deliver accuracy, reliability and quality. Combined with the true two-way communications on the FlexNet network, electricity providers can instantly configure, upgrade and customize the iCon meter's electricity management platform for unparalleled efficiency and responsiveness. Key features include:

  • ZigBee certified with PKI authentication
  • Designed for billing accuracy (Measurement Canada approved)
  • Future ready - remotely upgradeable
  • Reliable integrated construction
  • Extensive meter event logging
  • IP addressable through FlexNet
  • Up to four seasons of Time-of-Use (TOU) in up to 5 tiers of data
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