Sensus RadioRead® features the most robust, high-powered radio frequency transmitter available for use with walk-by or drive-by automatic meter reading systems.

RadioRead offers a choice of meter reading options. A handheld unit can be used for reading RadioRead equipped meters, TouchRead System meters, or manually entering visual readings by meter readers on foot. A more powerful vehicle transceiver has greater range and can be used in any car or truck at any time to read meters as the vehicle drives past RadioRead equipped meters.

RadioRead SmartPoint transmitters are read using the Sensus Vehicle Gateway Basestation in combination with AutoVU meter reading software.  These same SmartPoints can be migrated at a later date to a fixed network FlexNet communications system without a field visit.

AutoVU ™ provides a mapping interface to graphically depict the location of each meter along a meter reading route and instantly verify each reading. AutoVU uses precise locating and mapping technology made possible by existing low earth orbiting Global Positioning Satellites, enabling the drive-by RadioRead AMR user to reduce meter reading time and associated costs.

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