Sensus DA SCADA-XchangeTM software is a powerful means of integrating Sensus’ control and data acquisition functionality into distribution supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems or distribution management systems. It allows a SCADA system to poll any Sensus Distribution Automation (DA) device as if it were connected directly to the SCADA system.

To a SCADA system, SCADA- Xchange software appears as a group of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) or Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) connected to one port on the system. SCADA polls one location to receive data from multiple devices. SCADA-Xchange software transfers Sensus DA field device data from the Sensus DA PowerVistaTM database to a utility’s SCADA system using DNP3.0/ IEEE1815 protocol over a secure TCP/IP connection. When a field device change is detected, the event is reported like any other alarm on SCADA.

For outgoing communication, SCADA-Xchange software receives requests and commands from the utility’s SCADA system and then TM transfers these via the PowerVista software application to field units using the FlexNetTM communications network or cellular networks. These commands are carried out like any other message sent to an RTU. 

Additional features include:

Functions as a DNP3 slave responding to the SCADA system polls and commands Provides a reliable, secure and cost effective communication option to extend SCADA beyond the substation to distribution equipment Uses proven DNP source code DNP 3.0 protocol over TCP/IP or serial is standard. Other protocols can be supported with protocol converters. 

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