The iPERL water management system offers unparalleled low flow accuracy with high flow durability. Innovative magnetic technology allows for the capture of previously unmeasured low flow and drives additional revenue for the utility. 100% lead-free with no moving parts, the iPERL system maintains its accuracy over a 20-year lifetime. AMI connectivity and 14 condition, diagnostic and lifetime alarms allows for quick resolution to issues experienced in the field.

The iPERL system family has an operating range of 0.03 gpm (0.007 m3/hr) @ 95% minimum to 55 gpm (12.5 m3/hr) @ 100% ± 1.5% registration of actual throughput. 

The iPERL system increases your returns while maximizing operational efficiency.

Conformance To Standards

The iPERL system far exceeds the most recent revision of ANSI/AWWA Standard C-700 and C-710 for accuracy and pressure loss requirements. All iPERL systems are NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Annex F and G compliant and tested to AWWA standards. 


The patented measurement technology of the iPERL system allows enhanced accuracy ranges at both low and high flows and perpetual accuracy over the life of the product over the full measurement range when installed horizontal, vertical or diagonal. 


The iPERL system is an integrated unit that incorporates an electronic register and measuring device encased in an external housing. The measuring device is comprised of a composite alloy flowtube with externally-threaded spud ends. Embedded in the flowtube are magnetic flow sensors. The all electronic, programmable register is hermetically sealed with a tempered glass cover. The iPERL system has a 20 year life cycle, along with a 20 year battery life guarantee. 

Omni Electronic Register

The high resolution 9-digit hermetically sealed electronic register with LCD display was designed to eliminate dirt, lens fogging issues and moisture contamination in pit settings with built in tamper protection. The tempered glass register cover displays readings with the AMR digits highlighted. Direction of flow and units of measure are also easily readable on the register display. The iPERL register features; AMR resolution and unit of measure that are fully programmable, integral customer data logging compatible with UniPro software tools. The large, easy to read display also includes battery life, empty pipe and forward/reverse flow indicators. 

Tamperproof Features

The integrated construction of the iPERL system prevents removal of the register to obtain free water. The magnetic tamper and low field alarms will both indicate any attempt to tamper with the magnetic field of the iPERL system. 

AMR / AMI Systems

iPERL systems are compatible with current Sensus AMR/AMI systems. 

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