Sensus Automation has partnered with the leading manufacturer of faulted circuit indicators and its North American distributors to develop the NaviCommTM, a self-contained communicating faulted circuit indicator (FCI) solution for overhead distribution lines. The NaviComm is an integrated FCI receiver and communications unit that monitors and controls up to 12 Smart Navigator wireless faulted circuit indicators, which provide fault current magnitude and load metrics.

Its unique load monitoring and reporting capabilities give utilities access to critical operational and planning information in real-time along with traditional fault indication. The NaviComm communicates using Sensus FlexNetTM private networks.  End-to-end interoperability is then achieved with the companion AutomationControlTM software suite. This allows for easy integration with third-party SCADA software platforms via our SCADA-XchangeTM interface. 

The NaviComm is ideally suited for smart grid distribution automation applications on overhead distribution lines. A NaviComm system provides the ability to monitor and control Smart Navigator faulted circuit indicators.

Fault information is delivered to utility SCADA or Outage Management Systems using DNP3 or Modbus protocols. Distribution engineers, planners and field technicians can simultaneously view the same information directly from the Sensus AutomationControlTM application via text message or email (future feature). Additional information can be obtained from the AutomationControl application using a standard PC browser.

FlexNet enabled models incorporate all of the standard system security features. FlexNet system enabled models also work ‘out of the box’ on FlexNet systems. 

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