Canadian Utility Uses Sensus Technology to Help Customers Keep the Cold and High Bills at Bay


The City of Medicine Hat implemented the Sensus AMI solution to reduce the number of truck rolls and get better reads on energy use. Furthermore, the utility also created an arrears management program to help customers limit their power usage to avoid high bills. Finally, the team relies on the remote disconnect with enhanced load limiting functionality built into the meters to automate the limiting process.

Increase Revenue with New Commercial Metering Technology


Revenue for water utilities is circling the drain. Most commercial water meters can stand up to the high water flow of commercial water customers, but these same meters often have a hard time measuring low water flows and retaining accurate meter reads over time and continuous flow conditions. Grocery stores, for example, do not pay for the scant amount of water used for produce misters because it passes through many commercial water meters without detection. These low flows add up to big dollars and are forcing water utilities to take a hard look at the accuracy of their meter fleet.

Sensus Auto-Adjust Meters Stop a $47,000 Overcharge

A large gas utility installs a Sensus Auto-Adjust Turbo (AAT) meter for a commercial customer and discovers an unanticipated pile of leaves and other debris in the pipeline. But the AAT was designed for the unexpected. It alerted the utility of the issue and then set about correcting it. In the end, the meter saved the customer from a $47,000 overcharge and protected the utility's reputation for accurate billing. 

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