The ICE family is the most technologically advanced AMR/AMI system in the industry. They interface with TouchRead, RadioRead and FlexNet system reading equipment as well as competitive AMR/AMI systems. These absolute encoder registers are available in several configurations including pre-wired factory sealed, water tight versions for reliable service in harsh, wet environments such as underground meter pits and vaults.

The ICE family provides the ultimate in programming versatility. The registers can be programmed to electronically output from a single odometer wheel up to and including all 8 wheels. There are also 4 programmable fields which include units of measure, reading multiplier, a customized 12-character identification field, and an additional text field of 20 characters to enter information such as account number, installation date, etc.

The Sensus ICE-Opto Register is an absolute encoder that provides totally accurate and error-free meter readings through optical sensing of the rotational positions of its odometer wheels. It also provides greater reading resolution, reliability, end-user options and other benefits. It is totally compatible for integration into existing Sensus AMR/AMI Systems asTouchRead®, RadioRead®, FlexNet®. It is fully compliant with ANSI/AWWA Encoder Standard C707-82 (R-92).There are eight odometer wheels and a combination testing and leak detection pointer.  


The ICE-Opto Register utilizes “optical sensing” technology to determine the rotational position of each odometer wheel and its numerical value.The electronic reading of data for TouchRead and AMR/ AMI applications is derived directly from the rotational position of the register’s odometer wheels, thereby insuring a totally accurate reading value.The design eliminates the use of mechanical wipers and contacts that are a source of friction and torque-load, and eliminates snap-action spring mechanisms that add a load to a meter’s measuring element.  

AMR/AMI Systems Compatibility

The Sensus ICE-Opto Register is adaptable for installation and interrogation in either a two-wire TouchRead mode or three-wire AMR/AMI mode, making it totally compatible with existing systems that use either mode.The meter reading data, which consists of the odometer reading and the register ID number, are transmitted in ASCII standard code that is used by most of the data-communications industry. 

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