KTI Limited has supplied natural gas distribution system components to Canadian Utilities for more than 25 years. The diversity of our product lines gives us the ability to be a “one stop shop” for all of your Transmission and Distribution products. 

From the Nordstrom Valves that control the gas flow at the wellhead to the Sensus residential diaphragm gas meter that measures your home’s gas consumption, KTI has all of the quality products that you need to construct, operate and maintain today’s complex gas transmission and distribution systems.

KTI Limited represents only the top manufacturers in each industry. This has long been our focus, as we know that outstanding product quality, low product lifecycle costs, and strong technical support are key criteria when our customers select business partners. KTI Limited strives to ensure these criteria are continually met with each transaction, regardless of the size of the project. KTI's core products include Steel Pipe, Ball Valves, Plug Valves, Polyethylene Pipe, Valves and Fittings, Meter Set Valves, Meters, Regulators, Tracer Wire, Meter Brackets, Risers and AMI communication systems. These products comprise the large majority of the products used in all Canadian natural gas distribution systems.

Many customers choose to partner with KTI on strategic sourcing initiatives to significantly cut operating costs by reducing warehouse locations, reducing inventory and redeploying warehouse and logistics staff. Partnering with KTI allows for these benefits to be realized while at the same time improving service levels provided to internal utility departments. KTI has the expertise and dedicated staff to handle thousands of transactions annually and ensures continuity of supply by stocking more than 1500 unique items in 3 different Canadian warehouses.

KTI understands the need to supply more than a quality product. You have our commitment that we will find innovative ways to improve service levels, streamline processes, and reduce costs to improve your bottom line.

As an industry leader, our specialized teams provide flexible business solutions based on customer requirements. Our vast experience and deep understanding of each of our core industries provides the basis for our creative and comprehensive proposals. These solutions allow customers to focus on core business, while we provide sustainable value through high quality products and value added services.

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