The Sensus Distribution Automation (DA) T866 MicroRTUâ„¢ system is a cost effective solution for the monitoring, control and automation of remote equipment such as switches, reclosers, generators, voltage regulators, substations, pumps, lift stations, environmental remediation equipment, tower lights or any application requiring discrete inputs, outputs and analogs. The T866 system includes an integrated two-way radio. Models are available that communicate using cellular networks or Sensus FlexNet private radio networks.

The Sensus DA T866 MicroRTU system monitors both digital and analog inputs of the equipment to which it is connected. It reports events as they occur based on user defined trigger times and can be queried for status on demand. Output relays perform control actions which can be event driven from rules defined in Sensus’ PowerVista™ applications. Easily and quickly installed, the MicroRTU system provides immediate access to the status of your equipment along with the ability to control it.  FlexNet enabled models incorporate all of the standard system security features. Cellular models use standard cellular authentication and encryption which is augmented with additional security features at Sensus.  Data is available to utility SCADA systems through Sensus SCADA-Xchange™ or from PowerVista™ applications. 

Features and Benefits

  • Provides status monitoring of eight digital inputs and six analog inputs; six digital outputs are available for controlling equipment.
  • Includes a control power AC Line Voltage Monitor to report under and over voltage conditions, as well as momentary and continuing power outages.
  • Monitoring, control, and remote configuration options are accessible from the secure PowerVista applications or through an existing SCADA system using SCADA-Xchange™.
  • Operating parameters are locally and remotely configurable.
  • Automatic battery test for reporting low battery conditions 

Communication is initiated three ways:

  • Automatic report upon status change
  • Time-scheduled reports from once every minute to once every 1000 hours in 1 minute increments
  • Users may request reports through PowerVista applications or utility SCADA system 

Remote Control and User Notification

PowerVista applications display the T866 digital and analog input status, perform control operations and configure rule-based actions. Examples include:

  • Notify a designated person of a status change by email, pager or text messaging
  • Send pre-determined control commands to the same or a different MicroRTU unit in response to a change in status
  • Define a group of MicroRTUs for sending group commands 
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