A dynamic leader in the market

Sensus offers industry leading technology with commercial water meter product lines that provide utilities the opportunity to measure enhanced flow ranges and drive revenue.

Sensus' new metrology products comply with and exceed requirements set by The Safe Drinking Water Act and NSF/ANSI 61 Annex F and G that became standard in 2012.

Led by the OMNI and accuMAG, the Sensus line-up of Commercial Water Meters is second to none and leads the industry in accuracy, value added features and total lifecycle costs.  

The OMNI meter is the most technologically advanced large water meter on the market today. The key to this optimal measurement performance is the application of the new Floating Ball Technology (FBT). FBT employs an impeller with a ball design which makes the impeller weightless in the water line. The technology enables the impeller to begin moving with very little water flow or force through the meter. The result is that OMNI has an extended flow range with better low flow sensitivity, as well as the ability to capture extended high flow rates - all with virtually no wear.

The accuMAG meter is based on electromagnetic flow (EMF) technology and provides measurement of a wide flow range. With no moving parts, the accuMAG meter maintains its accuracy over its lifetime. AMR/AMI connectivity, reduced headloss, and field replaceable batteries are just a few of the key benefits of the accuMAG meter.

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