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Sensus provides industry leading technology with residential water meter product lines that address critical challenges for utilities, including aging utility infrastructure and resource conservation. Sensus' new metrology products comply with and exceed requirements set by The Safe Drinking Water Act and NSF/ANSI 61 Annex F and G that became standard in 2012.

Composite Meters and Zero-Lead Alternatives

How Much Will Utilities Ultimately Pay For 0.05% Lead?

Are you prepared for upcoming no lead regulations for water meters? Changes to the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act are taking effect on January 4, 2014, reducing the amount of lead permissible in water meters from 8.0% to 0.25%. Water utilities must act now to implement zero-lead alternatives that are strong, durable and reliable. Utilities must also consider the difference between lead-free and zero-lead meters.

Some “lead free” meters have as much as 0.05% lead. While this percentage complies with current regulations, utilities implementing these "lead free" meters could be at risk for another meter change out should future regulations require complete lead elimination from water meters.  At Sensus, 'no lead' means zero-lead. Our zero-lead composite meters contain absolutely 0.00% lead. This provides utilities a future proof technology that completely protects utility customers from any type of lead exposure from the water meter.

Only zero-lead composite meters ensure that utilities will continue to be in compliance with all future changes to the NSF standards and government laws regarding lead because they completely eliminate lead.

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