These magnetic drive positive displacement meters use an oscillating piston to provide superior sensitivity in measuring a wide range of flows for a variety of residential applications or similar service needs. The SR IIĀ® meter design includes a high quality cast bronze maincase, dual inlet ports and streamlined flow pattern to provide lasting measurement accuracy and deliver years of dependable service.

Conformance To Standards

Sensus SRII Low Lead Water Meters meet the requirements of NSF Standard 61, Annex F and G and comply with ANSI/ AWWA Standard C700-latest revision. Each meter is tested to insure compliance with AWWA standards. 


Sensus SR II Low Lead Water Meters consist of three basic components: maincase; measuring chamber; and sealed register. Maincases are made of Bismuth BiAlloy CDA89836 or EnviroBrassTM II C89520 with externally-threaded spuds. Registers are housed in a bonnet of synthetic polymer. Measuring chambers are of Rocksyn®, a corrosionresistant, tailored thermoplastic material formulated for long-term performance and especially suitable for aggressive water conditions. Maincase bottom plates are available in Bismuth BiAlloy, EnviroBrass II or, if frost protection is desired, in cast iron or synthetic polymer1. 

Sealed Register

Hermetically sealed; proven magnetic drive design eliminates dirt and moisture contamination, tampering and lens fogging problems. Standard register includes a straight-reading, odometertype totalization display; a 360° test circle with center sweep hand; and a low flow (leak) detector. Gears are self lubricating, molded plastic for long life and minimum friction.

No change gears are required for accuracy calibration. Encodertype remote reading systems are available for all SR II Low Lead Water Meters. (See other side of sheet for additional information.) 

Tamperproof Features

A unique locking system prevents customer removal of the register to obtain free water. The register can only be re- moved by breaking the register bonnet. 

Magnetic Drive

The SR II Low Lead features a hydro-dynamically cushioned design that eliminates premature wear of components. The meter utilizes a patented positive, reliable drive coupling. The highstrength magnets used will eliminate “drive slip” in normal use and also provide adequate strength to drive remote register units. 


Water flows through the meter’s strainer and into the measuring chamber where it drives the piston. The hydrodynamically balanced piston oscillates around a central hub, guided by the division plate.

A drive magnet transmits the motion of the piston to a driven magnet located within the hermetically sealed register. The driven magnet is connected to the register gear train. It reduces the piston oscillations into volume totalization units displayed on the register dial face. 


Sensus SR II Low Lead Water Meters are engineered to provide long-term value and virtually maintenance-free operation. Simplicity of design allows interchangeability of parts of like-size meters, reduced parts inventory requirements, and ease of maintenance. The register can be removed without relieving the water pressure or removing the maincase from the installation. 


Tailpieces/Unions for installing the meters on a variety of pipe types and sizes are available. 

AMR / AMI Systems

Meters and encoders are compatible with current Sensus AMR/AMI systems. 

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