FlexNetâ„¢is the industry's only AMI solution for utilities that demand unmatched customer service and pinpoint-accurate reads. Only FlexNet delivers Primary-Use licensing by Industry Canada, which guarantees an uncluttered, crystal clear path for transmissions. And that paves the way for an industry-leading two watts of power, making the FlexNet system the only mass-deployed utility system to enjoy the highest level of protection, power and productivity in North America.

FlexNet Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution is offered exclusively from Sensus by KTI. It empowers electricity, gas, water or combination utilities with a proven means to increase meter reading efficiency, reduce overhead costs and enhance customer service simply, reliably, and with unlimited flexibility.FlexNet is a robust, high-powered solution based on open standards. It gives electric, gas and water utilities a communications network that is designed and built specifically for smart grid applications. Working with smart meters, FlexNet provides utilities a dedicated and secure two-way communications highway over which to transmit and receive customer usage data – the hallmark of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions. Utilities can more effectively monitor and manage the distribution and use of electricity, water or gas.

With automatic delivery and analysis of consumption data, utilities are able to match supply with consumer demand, resulting in much better utilization of resources with the least amount of waste. Customers can be billed based on actual usage patterns and be encouraged to use resources more wisely. They can receive early notification of water or gas leaks, tampering, equipment problems or outages.

With these advantages and more, Sensus is redefining the standard for utility AMI.

In the FlexNet environment, smart meters communicate data throughout the day – such as electric power consumed from the grid and returned to the grid by customers who generate alternative energy – or water leaks in a home or business. In-home devices inform customers of their energy or water usage patterns. Utilities gain new visibility through infrastructure monitors that can sense trouble conditions and trigger an alert to the need for corrective action. 

Customers are empowered to participate in demand response programs that save them money while conserving resources. 

FlexNet Water

FlexNet gives water utilities an acoustic leak detection solution that saves not only valuable natural resources but also lost revenue due to leaks in utility lines.FlexNet SmartPoint M2 series transceivers offer water utilities two-way, fully migratable, AMR-to-AMI solutions and unprecedented freedom to expand and modify system capabilities without having to replace or revisit meters and equipment. Smart utilities are using FlexNet data capabilities to inform and interact with customers and promote good conservation practices. 

FlexNet Gas

FlexNet allows gas utilities to increase meter reading accuracy, reduce overhead costs and enhance customer service – all while keeping more utility trucks off the road.The innovative gas product line produced by Sensus combined with the FlexNet secure, reliable communications network delivers a gas AMI solution that expands easily and meets the requirements for safety and accuracy. Minimal infrastruc- ture means lower maintenance cost and ease of installation. FlexNet lets gas utilities excel in safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental responsibility, because no one has energy to burn.

FlexNet Electric

The Sensus Smart Grid solution provides electric utilities with a standards- based, secure, dedicated, two-way, long-range wireless data communications network that will future-proof their AMI investment.Electric utilities of all sizes benefit from our FlexNet dedicated RF spectrum with the ability to assign separate communications channels for discrete applications, such as distribution automation, streetlight controls, demand response and SCADA. The unparalleled RF design and operational efficiencies of Sensus can blanket a utility’s entire service territory to deliver ubiquitous coverage. 

A Dedicated and Protected Communications Highway

Reliable, secure and cost-effective.

Unlike other utility networks that operate on costly power line infrastructures or low-powered, shared radio frequencies, FlexNet uses primary use radio spectrum, protected by law from interference and bundled into the network solution. This strategy presents essential advantages that other systems cannot offer.

No frequency sharing, no interference, no problems – period. 

While other systems fight interference and signal noise in shared bands, FlexNet transmits with a clarity and security that is protected by federal law.

The highest signal power and range in the industry. 

FlexNet wireless devices can transmit at up to two watts, potentially 10 to 100 times more power than devices on unlicensed spectrum. High signal power and low noise combine to significantly extend network reach. Instead of a fraction of a mile between endpoints, a FlexNet network can transmit up to 60 km from point to point.

A simpler, more manageable infrastructure. 

One tower gateway can cover 50 to 700 square km, depending on population density and terrain. In hard-to-reach areas, smart meters can pass along data for each other. That means less equipment to buy, deploy and operate.

More reliable communications.

FlexNet’s dedicated highway for data transmission makes communication more reliable than other systems that require channel hopping over radio frequencies.

Cost-effective, rapid build-out.

FlexNet systems have access to more than 4,000 tower sites covering more than 90 percent of the U.S. population. The tower- based architecture can be quickly deployed without concern for easement and access issues. And because FlexNet transmits stronger over a wider signal area, initial infrastructure build-out and ongoing maintenance costs are reduced.

Multilayered security to protect data privacy and integrity. 

Federal law prohibits infringement on licensed spectrum. On top of that, the FlexNet system adds multiple layers of built-in security, from strong AES-256 encryption to multilevel authentication, access controls and more for premium protection. With less traffic to interfere with communication, data is transmitted more securely.

Meeting utility needs today and tomorrow. 

FlexNet gives gas, water and electric utilities the ability to add functionality to keep up with utility growth. Demand response, distribution automation, home area network and new applications can easily be incorporated into a utility’s operations over the FlexNet network, a future-proof investment.

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