The OMNI R2 is a technological advanced water meter for large residential applications. The key to the OMNI R2's optimal measurement is the proven OMNI Floating Ball technology (FBT). FBT employs an impeller with a ball design which makes the impeller weightless in the water line. The technology enables the impeller to begin moving with very little water flow or force through the meter. The result is that the OMNI R2 has an extended flow range with better low flow sensitivity and the ability to capture extended high flow rates – all with virtually no wear.

Conformance To Standards

The OMNI R2 meter meets and far exceeds the most recent revision of ANSI/AWWA Standard C701 class II standards and exceeds ANSI/AWWA C700 Residential Standard using Sensus Turbo technology. Each meter is performance tested to ensure compliance. All OMNI meters are NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex F and G approved. 


The patented measurement principles of the OMNI R2 meter assure enhanced accuracy ranges, an overall greater accuracy, and a longer service life than any other comparable class meter produced. The OMNI R2 meter has no restrictions as to sustained flow rates within its continuous operating range. The floating ball measurement technology allows for flows up to its rated maximum capacity without affecting undue wear or accuracy degradation when installed in any orientation. 


The OMNI R2 meter consists of two basic assemblies; the maincase and the measuring chamber. The measuring chamber assembly includes the “floating ball” impeller with a coated titanium shaft, hybrid axial bearings, integral flow straightener and an all electronic programmable register with protective bonnet. The maincase is made from industry proven Ductile Iron with an  approved NSF epoxy coating. Maincase features are; easily removable measuring chamber, unique chamber seal to the maincase using a high pressure o-ring, testing port and a convenient integral strainer. 

Omni Electronic Register

The OMNI R2 electronic register consist of a hermetically sealed register with an electronic pickup containing no mechanical gearing. The large character LCD displays AMR, Totalization and a Resettable Test Totalizer. OMNI register features; AMR resolution units that are fully programmable, Large, easy-to-read LCD also displays both forward and reverse flow directions and all with a 10-year battery life guarantee. 

Magnetic Drive

Meter registration is achieved by utilizing a fully magnetic pickup system. This is accomplished by the magnetic actions of the embedded rotor magnets and the ultra sensitive register pickup probe. The only moving component in water is the “floating ball” impeller. 

Measuring Element

The revolutionary thermoplastic, hydro dynamically balanced impeller floats between the bearings. The Floating Ball Technology (FBT) allows the measuring element to operate virtually without friction or wear, thus creating the extended upper and lower flow ranges capable on only the OMNI R2 meter.  


The OMNI R2 with the “V” shaped integral strainer using a stainless steel screen along with Floating Ball Technology (FBT) create a design that gives far improved accuracy even in those once thought questionable settings. A removable strainer cover permits easy access to the screen for routine maintenance. 


The OMNI R2 meter is designed for easy maintenance. Should any maintenance be required, the measuring chamber and/or strainer cover can be removed independently. Parts and or a replacement measuring chamber may be utilized in the event repairs are needed. Replacement Measuring Chambers are available for the OMNI R2 meters and may be utilized for retrofitting to competitive meters to achieve increased accuracy and extended service life. 

AMR / AMI Systems

Meters and encoders are compatible with current Sensus AMR/AMI systems. 

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