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"The tragic wildfire in the Fort McMurray community has left a deep impression on us. The consequences of this event, and its impact on the homes and businesses in the community, continue to be felt in the hearts of all Canadians."

In response, KTi LIMITED has made a donation of $5,000 to the Recovery work being made by the red cross in fort McMurray.

Our Vision

Different companies have different requirements. That's why KTI offers flexible solutions through a variety of value-added service programs. We go beyond the cookie-cutter mindset by offering customized solutions that provide our customers with convenience and value.

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Leading Edge Technologies

KTI is committed to introduce new and innovative technologies that will make you more profitable. We've aligned ourselves with the industry's most technologically advanced manufacturers to make tomorrow's products available today.

All of these technologies, in addition to our full line of high-quality products, are capable of radically changing your required infrastructure, and greatly reducing your operating (O&M) expenditures.


Sensus Enhances Data Analytics Portfolio with Acquisition of Verdeeco


Utilities can manage data from multiple sources for actionable intelligence

Sensus, a leading provider of clean technology solutions, has enhanced its data analytics portfolio by acquiring Atlanta-based Verdeeco, a smart grid analytics company offering big data solutions for electric, water and gas utilities. Verdeeco will remain a separate brand but operate as a part of Sensus.

Utilities gathering data from smart sensors, including meters, and external sources such as weather reports, will now be better able to use the information for actionable intelligence that saves time and money. Specific applications in the Verdeeco portfolio include transformer utilization, load aggregation and alert and alarm management.


Increase Revenue with New Commercial Metering Technology


Revenue for water utilities is circling the drain. Most commercial water meters can stand up to the high water flow of commercial water customers, but these same meters often have a hard time measuring low water flows and retaining accurate meter reads over time and continuous flow conditions. Grocery stores, for example, do not pay for the scant amount of water used for produce misters because it passes through many commercial water meters without detection. These low flows add up to big dollars and are forcing water utilities to take a hard look at the accuracy of their meter fleet.