Representing top product manufacturers in all markets, our goal is to provide sustainable value to our customers through long-term partnerships. Working together, we find innovative ways to improve service levels, streamline business processes, and reduce costs. We strive to be a company that brings unparalleled and sustainable value to you, our customer. We are small enough and flexible enough to adapt to your changing requirements, but large enough to strategically develop business models that will save you money.

Our Vision

Different companies have different requirements. That's why KTI offers flexible solutions through a variety of value-added service programs. We go beyond the cookie-cutter mindset by offering customized solutions that provide our customers with convenience and value.

  • E-Commerce
  • Strong Customer Service
  • Expert Technical Support
  • One Stop Procurement
  • Customized Product Bundling
  • Consolidated Shipments
  • Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Accurate Billing System
  • On-Site Training

Leading Edge Technologies

KTI is committed to introduce new and innovative technologies that will make you more profitable. We've aligned ourselves with the industry's most technologically advanced manufacturers to make tomorrow's products available today.

All of these technologies, in addition to our full line of high-quality products, are capable of radically changing your required infrastructure, and greatly reducing your operating (O&M) expenditures.


World Water Day 2019: Sensus Extends Xylem Watermark Program Invitation


In celebration of World Water Day, Sensus, a Xylem brand, has announced its plans to invite customers, distributors and partners to join employees for Watermark activities. The Xylem Watermark program aims to provide and protect safe water resources for communities in need and educate individuals about water issues such as sanitation and hygiene


Canadian Utility Uses Sensus Technology to Help Customers Keep the Cold and High Bills at Bay


The City of Medicine Hat implemented the Sensus AMI solution to reduce the number of truck rolls and get better reads on energy use. Furthermore, the utility also created an arrears management program to help customers limit their power usage to avoid high bills. Finally, the team relies on the remote disconnect with enhanced load limiting functionality built into the meters to automate the limiting process.